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After Effex Co. focuses on manifesting shifts in your state of being through our products, services, and partnerships. We create and curate small-batch products that are natural  & infused with herbs sure to induce a vibe that shifts your energy spaces. Our goal is that your state of being after using our products is changed, thus causing the After Effex.


We make all-natural soy wax candles, multi-use oils, and shea & mango whipped body butter from scratch. What started in 2017 as small gifts created to simply relax and clarify my loved ones stagnated or cloudy minds; shifted to an overwhelming need to want to do the same for each and every one of you.


We are a small business located in Philadelphia, PA. Each candle, bath, or skincare item is handcrafted and homemade with love and manifestations of love, peace, and clarity for each of our customers.  Although we are located in Philadelphia, PA, we ship anywhere. Visit our website to place your order today!

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Philadelphia, PA

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