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Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us. We are so excited to be launching our website officially on January 20, 2020! Not only is that a day of service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.; but it will now be marked as a day of great accomplishment for After Effex!

By now, you have probably browsed through our site and took a look at what we have to offer. Please know we work to bring you not just handcrafted items we personally curate and create, like our candles, teas, and hair/body creams & oils; but also our other products and services we procure that will help change your state of being.

What does "change your state of being mean" to us? Glad you ask. We like to think, what we offer you, stimulates your mood, energy or aura to shifts from one state of being to another. The most desirable shift we push for is the shift to peace, clarity and ultimate happiness.

We want to make you smile for the littlest of reasons.

We want to nourish and feed your soul when it feels depleted.

We want to be that cup that pours into when you have poured all of you into others.

And for us, our products were crafted and selected to do just that for you!

If you haven't purchased your special edition lover's collection candle (pictured below); I'd suggest you go get you one before these special edition candles are all gone (FOMO is real!).

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@AfterEffexCo) and Facebook to stay up-to-date with us. Also sign up for our mailing list below to get updates, specials, and promos!

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