Soak in the Tub with these Bathtime Tea Bags
  • Soak in the Tub with these Bathtime Tea Bags

    Each order comes with 3 bathtime tea bags (Each bathtime tea bag comes in a 4x6 cotton biodegradable muslin bag)! You can also purchase an 8 oz or 16 oz jar of our bathtime tea special blend by itself for refills. Some days just require you to soak it away! Our bathtime tea bags are just the thing you need! Run your hot bath water. Take the bathtime teabag out of our cute heart burlap bag! Place one of our bathtime tea bags (the whole bag, like a tea bag in a cup🙃) into the tub while the water is running. Swirl the bag around in the tub. The ingredients will seep through the bag into your hot water creating a relaxing oasis for you to get into! Most baths only need one bathtime tea bag, but you are certainly welcome to use both for increase strength or to fill your tub if it is abnormally large! Once finished, you can dispose of the contains (they are all natural ingredients inside) and reuse the actual tea bag (tea bag is 100% cotton and biodegradable🙂). Fill them up with more of our bathtime special blend or use it for something else. You can also reuse the heart burlap bag as well!

    Ingredients: solimo epsom salt, bath salts, oatmeal, powdered goat milk, powdered coconut milk, lavendar plant, rose buds, hawaiian salts, honey flakes