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Sage and Sacred Palo Santo
  • Sage and Sacred Palo Santo

    Sustainably sourced and harvested, our WHITE SAGE comes directly from its natural habitat, in the mountain regions around California bundle to help protect and cleanse your space and mind of the negativity that surrounds you. Our sacred PALO SANTO wood is "harvested" sustainbly through the collection of naturally fallen trees and limbs in Peru. No trees are harmed or cut down during this process as it is not only illegal (kudos to their government 👏) but not cutting down the trees also help to perserve the scents you come to know from palo santo. Palo Santo trees have to lay in the sun and dry for a period of time to accumulate the scent that they have from their natural oils and resin. In addition New Palo Santo trees are planted around the forest every single year to make sure the Palo Santo species sticks around for a very long time. Palo Santo helps to remove negativity while also ushering in positivity in the same smudging. Options:

    ♡ Sage Stick Only - 1 sage sticks - choose: White Sage (6in), Cedar (4in), Rosemary (4in)

    ♡ Sage Bundle - 3 different sage sticks [White Sage (6in), Cedar (4in), Rosemary (4in)]

    ♡ Palo Santo Only - 2 pieces of sacred palo santo

    ♡ Cleansing Smudging Kit - Sage sticks and palo santo wood. A small abalone shell, shell holder, crystal, and feather comes with the premium kit only.

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